10×20 Supreme Canopy Enclosed With Windows – OUT OF STOCK




Cars, equipment or materials can be fully covered by the 10′ x 20′ Supreme Outdoor Canopies with Windows. Rain or shine, your properties are fully protected from the elements. Order a 10′ x 20′ Supreme Outdoor Canopy with Windows today.

10’x20′ Supreme Outdoor Canopy Enclosed With Windows Number of legs: 8 1 1/2 Pole Dia. 18 Gage Steel Ball Bungees PVC windows Front door plus sidewalls 140G PE sidewalls and top Foot Pads and canopy stakes included. Additional Info

PVC windows. A windowed canopy is able to get light source from outside. So if you need better visibility inside the structure, choose canopies with windows.

Poly tarp cover and sidewalls. Polyethylene (PE) tarps are stretch and rip proof. This fabric-like material has woven strips of PE plastics in the core layer.


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