Instant Garden Canopy 10′ x 10′




Relax outdoors in style with our Instant Garden Canopy Pop up Tent. The garden canopy maximizes your outdoor space and helps create a soothing ambience. It will provide the shade you need plus protection from bugs for your total comfort. It’s super easy to set up: it automatically pops open and locks in place. This durable garden canopy is made from 3M Scotchgarded 100% polyester. You can have it in stylish white, green, or red.

Instant Garden Canopy 10×10


Specs: Designed with four legs Easy to assemble With built-in foot pads Center height: 9′ 3″ Side height: 6′ 6″ Dimensions: 10 x 10 Weight: 33 lbs.

Additional Info


Foot pads. The foot pads are already connected to the legs. Add wind resistance by driving stakes through the holes of each pad.


This decorative canopy is not meant for permanent use. If the winds are too strong or if there is a forecast of severe weather, taking down the tent is highly recommended. Mesh canopy walls provide added shade.


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